At, we provide services for visitors who frequently play online games, and our site can help individuals to achieve high scores, find codes for certain games, unlock various secrets, effectively collaborate with other players and develop strategies. The site can also provide lists of games in each niche, news stories and release dates of online games. In general, our business is able to record information about guests and transfer that data to servers. We may also use software that predicts the interests of visitors and offers detailed statistics.

Analyzing the Site’s Traffic

The business has the right to install software that evaluates the geographic region of guests, the links that visitors click, the duration of each guest’s session and the advertisements that users prefer. We may also determine the number of guests who visit a certain page every day and the websites that are providing traffic.

The company may add a software program that calculates each webpage’s conversion rate and the profitability of a page. If a visitor is utilizing a mobile device, the software can also evaluate the type of phone that the guest is using. Furthermore, the program may determine the mobile device’s browser.


Our business has the right to use cookies, and these small files can be connected to a person’s browser and indicate the interests of a visitor. By installing software that generates cookies, our site is able to provide promotional codes for a guest’s favorite games, updates about certain games and advertisements that are related to each visitor’s interests.

Recording Data in Forms

When visitors complete contact forms on our website, the guests are automatically authorizing our company to contact them. We may utilize this data in order to market products, send newsletters, provide coupon codes and offer virtual surveys. In general, our company will not sell this information to other businesses or organizations.

Protecting Data

Our website may feature a software program that is able to encrypt information and to determine who accesses the data. Moreover, the program can prevent a virus and is designed to stop malware.

Making Purchases

In some cases, customers will opt to store payment information in our website’s servers, and this feature helps patrons to check out more rapidly, save information about numerous credit cards and alter billing addresses anytime. If a customer makes a purchase, the site’s software may also record a list of orders. Consequently, the gamer will be able to easily check the status of an order and to analyze a tracking number.

Utilizing Data Centers

Our experts have the right to store information in servers that are situated in sizable data centers worldwide. These facilities can be located in any country and may feature third-party security software that automatically detects breaches and monitors each server.

Evaluating Surveys and Reviews

Periodically, our experienced gamers may ask visitors to complete surveys or write reviews of services on our site. When users participate in these questionnaires, we might request personal information that is related to a visitor’s age, gender, location, preferences and the number of games that the guest commonly plays.

We can sometimes offer potential prizes for users who fill out surveys; however, a completed questionnaire does not guarantee that the reviewer will receive a reward. Generally, each contest’s agreement will indicate the odds of winning a prize.

Once users have provided emails that contain feedback, our business reserves the right to use those reviews in order to improve products and services, create new techniques, promote our business and enhance ratings on independent sites. Moreover, we may post positive testimonials on our website.

Utilizing Accounts

Our website can allow visitors to create accounts, which may feature descriptions of each guest’s experience, avatars, a list of high scores, contact information and a list of games that the visitor commonly plays. The business reserves the right to evaluate the dates on which a user logs into an account and modifications to the profile. Furthermore, the business may analyze messages that a visitor has sent to other members.

Receiving Emails

In order to request updates and descriptions of new games, visitors can subscribe to various lists that our team manages. By adding an email address to a list, the guest allows our company to deliver emails anytime and to send promotional offers. Each email will generally contain instructions that can help the user to remove an email address from the lists.

Posting Comments

Our site’s visitors sometimes add commentaries under articles, and our business may allow guests to rate a user’s comments or respond directly to another visitor. When a gamer posts a comment, the site can request the user’s email address, name and the URL of the visitor’s website.

The company may install a program that analyzes each new comment in order to prevent spam or profanity. This program can postpone the release of a statement until our team has evaluated the commentary.

Using the Information

When a guest accesses codes and strategies that are related to online games, our company is not responsible for the visitor’s usage of this information. If a gamer utilizes information on our site in order to achieve certain scores, the results do not guarantee any future outcomes.

Enhancing Customer Service

Once a user sends an email to our experienced experts, our business reserves the right to save a copy of the email. We may also utilize the visitor’s questions or statements in order to improve products, create new features for the site, offer fresh updates about certain games or provide customer service for other visitors.

Modifying Information

If a user would like to alter stored data, the visitor may contact our business in order to request changes. In general, our company can typically modify the information within 72 hours of a visitor’s message.


When a guest buys products and services on our website, we do not provide any implicit guarantee that covers the services and items. If a visitor makes a purchase, we may opt to offer some type of written guarantee, and generally, a user will have to check a box that indicates that the customer agrees with the transaction’s guidelines.

Adding News Stories

Our company can regularly post updates about new games, statements that a designer has made, the performances of experienced gamers and high scores. Although our business strives to ensure the accuracy of all information that the news stories contain, we will not guarantee the veracity of any updates. Furthermore, the company may add public data that a user has provided, such as scores, reviews of an online game, screenshots that show gameplay and descriptions of techniques.

Third-Party Websites

Our site may contain links that let users visit other websites. The business is not responsible for the content of a third-party site, the quality of another website’s products or any guarantees that the site may offer. Additionally, a separate website’s privacy policy may not be similar to our site’s privacy policy, and our guidelines do not apply to other websites.

Altering the Privacy Policy

Our business reserves the right to change this policy, and if modifications are made, the company will deliver emails to users who have created accounts and to customers who have made purchases. Moreover, the website’s front page will generally contain a link to the new privacy policy and an explanation of any modifications.